How GetSwift Helps Your Small Business Start Home Delivery, And Nail It

How GetSwift Helps Your Small Business Start Home Delivery, And Nail It

Want to streamline your whole delivery operation with powerful delivery management software that gives your customers a simple, reliable experience, while offering you and your team a host of next-generation features, all through the cloud? Create a new win-win-win situation for your customers, your drivers, and your business’s bottom-line with GetSwift.

If you’re considering beefing up the home delivery component of your small (or medium, or large!) business, now’s the time to do it. 

How GetSwift Can Help

In the past, home delivery seemed unnecessary for some businesses because most of your customers visited your retail or brick-and-mortar store. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the necessity for businesses to adapt to rapidly-changing consumer behaviors and expectations. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and improve, GetSwift is here to make that transition as simple as possible. 

What’s different about our cloud-based delivery management software is our next-generation features, (from advanced dispatching to routing and real-time alerts), the ability to pick and choose which features you need for your business model (i.e., choose between on-demand and pre-scheduled dispatching), and data analytics that are for you alone to keep, among many other features.

In addition, without an advanced SaaS solution to delivery management, growing your business to scale with a robust home delivery service would be extremely challenging. Why is that? There are a number of reasons, but here are just three:

1. Handle more deliveries. Automated and streamlined dispatching, routing, and driver and customer communication are essential if you are to grow your home delivery business to scale. 

2. Deliver faster. Our platform helps you deliver on time, which is essential to keep customers from not returning to order and perishable items such as food at a higher quality. Most importantly, our clients have also told us that when they focus on delivery speed and quality, that’s a big driver for business growth. 

3. Increase accountability. Keep your driver happy and simplify their jobs with an app, and keep them reliable by viewing their performance metrics. 

That’s just to name a few of the advantages of using GetSwift. Interested?

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Delivery Logistics For Home Delivery Food Businesses

One type of business that benefits highly from our software are restaurants and other food-related businesses. You could absolutely do it alone on a small scale. However, partnering with GetSwift makes implementation far easier (and quicker, since you don’t have to build your own solution) and much faster to scale. 

For example, the Australian fast-food company Red Rooster transformed its delivery management platform across 200+ franchises with GetSwift and was able to reduce delivery times by an average of 25 minutes after just one year. Today, Red Rooster is the #1 self-delivery fast-food company in Australia, other than pizza chains. 

Another success story was the restaurant group Hoot Company in Alberta, Canada. They were looking for a simple, lean, affordable delivery software platform for them to integrate into, and chose GetSwift. After just three weeks of offering home delivery, deliveries were up from zippo to more than 250 per week.

When it comes to promoting growth and transitioning smoothly and rapidly to a home delivery model for businesses, GetSwift delivery software consistently provides results.

Delivery Solutions Without Needing Third Parties

Third-party delivery companies often charge fees upwards of 30% of each order for delivery and marketing costs. For many businesses, that’s just not a viable option. This was exactly the case for Orbital Kitchens. Since Orbital started using GetSwift, within a period of about three months, average daily deliveries climbed from 200 to 700 — more than a 300% increase. 

Many businesses have successfully adapted to the new home delivery consumer demands. If you are looking for a full, integrated suite of features that help you avoid having to work through third-party delivery companies and improve efficiencies and control across the board, GetSwift is the obvious choice.

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GetSwift introduces the Next Generation of On-Demand Dispatching

GetSwift introduces the Next Generation of On-Demand Dispatching

Getting dispatching right can significantly reduce your time to deliver, which is one of the best ways to keep customers happy and coming back, and keep them from leaving. And so we’re proud to introduce the beta version of our next generation dispatching algorithm, called On-Demand Dispatching. We’re excited to tell you all about it:

What’s New

The biggest upgrade is that your orders (or jobs), that are coming in on the fly will automatically batch a pair of deliveries with just one driver whenever possible, minimizing the number of drivers you’ll need and maximizing vehicle capacity.

In the past, if you wanted to batch multiple jobs with one driver in our app, you’d have to do so manually—now, jobs are grouped together automatically and more efficiently!

In sum, it’s one unified dispatching algorithm that’s the most efficient yet. Here’s all the info you need to enable it , from our support section.

One important note. This algorithm is suited for on-demand delivery and won’t work if your business focuses on pre-scheduled deliveries (for instance, if you schedule all your deliveries at the start of every day). However, for business likes that, we’re unveiling an improved algorithm as well, so stay tuned for our next blog post. 

What Stays The Same

We’re still giving you all the choice to dispatch in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

That means you can still choose among five other dispatching methods: Notify All Drivers, Manually Notify, Smart Notification, Notify Specific Driver, Expanding Proximity. However, if your bread and butter is on-demand deliveries, we recommend our new beta algorithm. It’s going to speed up your deliveries and keep the number of drivers involved to a minimum.

How does the algorithm decide which driver gets the job?

In essence, It accomplishes that by giving a score to all possible order assignments by taking into account the algorithm’s goals  (to minimize the number of vehicles, travel time, and lateness) and any hard “constraints” that would add extra time to a delivery. The lowest score is the best score – that’s the driver or handler who gets the assignment.

How will On Demand Dispatching Help You?

One big result is the new algorithm is better at batching jobs with one driver, as long as it’s from the same pickup spot. This has the potential to save you on fuel, shift hours, and increase your delivery speed, which helps our clients retain and grow customers.

The new algorithm also helps by eliminating the need for you to choose between our various dispatching models, giving you one unified algorithm that uses the intelligence from hundreds of thousands of deliveries that have taken place on our platform.

In sum, our new dispatching tech will save you time, increase delivery speed, and simplify your dispatching, all helping you make your delivery operation even more efficient.

And that, of course, is what we’re here for.

We’re excited for you to start trying it out. Here’s all the info you need to turn it on.